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Farm supplier list for new farmers

24 June 2019

Agriculture in the Eastern Cape is on a consistent rise, and this has seen many aspiring farmers emerge throughout the region. In this edition of our Agri EC blog, we look at different suppliers where new and emerging farmers can use in their businesses. These are leading suppliers within the agriculture sector, with many years of experience servicing the Eastern Cape’s agricultural community.

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Phone: +27 43 726 5232

First on our list is Monti Feeds™, a leading supplier of nutritional supplements and feeds for livestock and speciality animal markets. An unwavering dedication to quality and innovation has made Monti Feeds™ a leading supplier for livestock feed in the province. Monti Feeds™ through specialized technology has formulated a range of premium feeds for cattle, chicken (Broiler), horses and pigs. As an emerging farmer, this should be your first stop when looking for animal feed.

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Johan Burger: 083 381 2449

With the continued draught throughout the country, it only makes sense as a farmer to have you own borehole for those dry seasons, and that’s where Vula Amanzi Borehole Drilling comes handy. 

Being a Father and son team, makes the Vula Amanzi team give a personalised touch to their services, as they strive to always provide the most effective and cost-effective service to their clients. Their expertise includes the following areas: Drilling of boreholes for the domestic market, siting of boreholes, irrigation systems and more.

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Phone: +27 43 731 2100

Tractor World is the one stop shop for agricultural equipment in the Eastern Cape. They sell South Africa’s leading brands of tractors and farming implements, all backed by an industry leading aftersales service and support.
Below is a list of their services.

- New tractor & implement sales
- Tractor servicing & maintenance
- Tractor & implement repairs - Parts (new & used)

Tractor World’s quality service is well-known within the industry, as they continue to serve with pride. With well over 50years experience in the agriculture industry, it only makes sense that they are amongst the market leaders in the Eastern Cape.

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Phone: 0861 100 458

In 2008 MayFord Seeds changed their name to Sakata Seed Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd and has since grown into one of the largest vegetable seed producers in the region. Sakata has established itself as a reliable supplier of quality seeds, through a focus on product development and technical support excellence in the field. Through specialised product management, Sakata ensures that they can continuously provide the consumer with the best product quality, consistency, diversity and nutritional value.
Below is a list of some of the seeds available at Sakata.

Squash Butternut
Sweet Pepper
Sweet Melon
Hot Pepper

 As the farming industry continues to grow in the Eastern Cape, one can only hope to see more involvement from key stake holders through empowerment of emerging farmers. 

With that said, let us wrap up this month’s edition and remember to share your comments and suggestions with us at Agri EC. After all we are one as the agriculture industry in the Eastern Cape.