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Test your skills at Aberdeen Farmers’ Rally

01 November 2016
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Members of the public and farmers who are keen to test their skills in a number of fun farming-related activities can sign up for the annual Aberdeen Farmers’ Rally.

The rally, hosted by the Aberdeen Farmers Association (AFA), will take place on November 23 on four farms bordering the Eastern Cape Karoo town of Aberdeen.

AFA chairman Dickie Ogilvie, who has been farming on Doorndraai since 1987, said the primary aim of the rally was to have “a fun get-together with farmers”.

He said 26 companies were involved in the day as sponsors and they organised a variety of activities.

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In the past, entrants have been required to identify internal parasites, guess the micron of mohair, reverse blindfolded with the assistance of their partners, shoot with catapults, guess the weight of sheep and identify Karoo plants and animal skulls.

“Then there is also a general quiz which the entrants can complete on their trips from one farm to the other,” said Ogilvie.

“All activities carry a maximum of 20 points and at the end of the day the points are added together to find the winners.”

Ogilvie said they catered for a total of 32 vehicles, each with a driver and navigator.

“The rally attracts a lot of interest with those attending enjoying the fun and games.”

The sponsors involved are: BKB6, CMW, OVK, SSK, Virbac, Cape Gate, Voermol, Merial, Sabat, All Power, Stafix, Maxidor, Montego, GWK, Hi Q, Supa Quick, Monti Feeds, Arena Pumps, Drostdy Toyota, Atlantic Oil, Land Bank, SAMGA, Cipla, Isuzu, Botha’s Garage and Farm Vet.

For more information or to sign up, visit Aberdeen Farmers’ Rally.

Caption: Kosie van Schalkwyk tests his prowess with a catapult during the annual Aberdeen Farmers’ Rally. Photo: Supplied