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Why join Agri EC

15 April 2019
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Many aspiring farmers are often conflicted as to whether to join Agri EC or not, this is because of many reasons, but the one reason that resonates with the vast majority is lack of information about Agri EC. Today we take a look at why you as a farmer should join Agric EC and the benefits that come with being part of such an esteemed organisation.

Why Join Agri Eastern Cape?

The vision of Agri EC is to develop and grow the agricultural industry as a sustainable economic sector by promoting agricultural business interests, influencing government policy formulation and providing value-added services to its members.

Below we have listed what is encompassed by being part of Agri EC

Keep Up with Technology

As times change so do the resources utilised in the agriculture sector, we identify the needed information and changes after that we advocate for further understanding between producers and consumers of agricultural products through different educational vehicles.

Part of Agricultural Association

Affiliates have access to a powerful provincial and national platform for resolving their specific concerns quickly. This assists our members to address issues faster and also have access to our information hub, further supporting affiliates with information when they need it.

Service on Day-to-day Issues

We work closely with many independent entities that deliver a service to the agricultural communities. This is a highly useful resource as some of our affiliates are in remote areas.

Land Claim Guidance

Agri EC operates according to its own constitution and adheres to all relevant government legislation. Through our Land Claim Guidance, we assist our affiliates with the necessary resources at our disposal in the event of a land claim.

Information Sharing

The sub-committees assist the executive in fulfilling the organisation’s mandate to be the voice of the farmer in the province. Information is vital in our industry, this makes information sharing a pivotal component to our role as the agricultural community, through this, we continue to be the voice of the farmer to the public and to other farmers that need information.

Tourism and Hospitality

Establish a meaningful connection with the public through services such as 4×4 routes, mountain biking, hunting etc. As the economic climate continues to be uncertain, this is a vital tool where we expose our affiliates within tourism and hospitality through our marketing collateral.

With these benefits, no doubt being part of Agri EC is the right decision for everyone that’s interested in being part of the agriculture sector.