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Winterberg School Trust

14 March 2019
Winterberg School Trust

In a world where poverty and unemployment continue to plague our society, it is refreshing to hear of people that come together to uplift the area they are from, this is what the Winterberg School Trust set out to do in their community.

Situated in the Winterberg district of the Eastern Cape, near Tarkastad. The Winterberg School Trust is a rural, non-profit and community-based organisation with a passion for uplifting the community. Driven by passion and love for the people around the area, the Winterberg School Trust strives for the sustainable empowerment and development of children, parents and educators in the Winterberg community, through a holistic approach to education and the creation of opportunities for social and economic upliftment. Providing facilities, equipment and materials necessary to support quality education for the children of the Winterberg community, this is a revolutionary initiative championing for the upliftment of the less fortunate.

The community

Located in a rural farming community near Tarkastad, the majority of learners are the children of farmworkers, with some of the pupils being the first generation within their families to be receiving a structured and quality education. The parents are also encouraged to participate in the early education of their children through various initiatives such as Parent Days, workshops, and access to well-stocked Toy and Book Libraries. This initiative goes beyond advocating for children, there are adult skills development initiatives run by the Winterberg School Trust, including Luncedo.

Luncedo empowers the women in the area through an extensive program of training in sewing and fabric painting. Winterberg School Trust has established a sustainable business through the Luncedo initiative. This business produces quality clothing and items of home décor in original, ethnic designs which sees the women being self-sufficient as they run the business. The Winterberg School Trust continues to support the business through the provision of opportunities for additional learning in craft-techniques and through the provision of support regarding the financial management and administration of the enterprise.

Success stories

Over the years the Winterberg School Trust has seen success stories which are heart-warming and are a testament that if a community comes together much good can be achieved. One of the success stories is Joseph, who grew up in the Winterberg region and attended the Winterberg School Trust.

Having excelled in his studies, Joseph was recognised as a student with huge potential which earned him sponsorship and a bursary to attend St Andrews College in Grahamstown, where he continued to make his community proud. This saw Joseph going on to university where he studied a Bachelor of Commerce and is majoring in Management and Economics.

As a beacon of hope Winterberg School Trust continues to go above and beyond giving hope and empowerment to the community of Winterberg. The Winterberg School Trust is an independent school that is reliant on the generosity of funders, and are continually looking for innovative funding streams and new supporters.

Please play your part and change lives by donating whatever you can by contacting Joanne King at alternatively call: +27 (0)45 8480 004

If one can make a positive change in the world so can we, we take out hats off and bow down, the work done by the WST is indeed nothing short of amazing.