June 25, 2022

Broubart Security Solutions for Agriculture

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Broubart is a solutions based company that has been operating in the Security, CCTV technology, Guarding, as well as the Cleaning and Hygiene industry since 1994.

Broubart Security joined Agri Eastern Cape as a Corporate Member in 2021 and has been offering tailor made solutions for the Agricultural Market ever since.

One of the recent product offerings from Broubart is their Solar Solution offering:

Broubart has a wide range of solutions other than solar that could be of interest to the agricultural sector. Another of these options is their AI Security solution which could be used by the farmers to keep their infrastructure safe and secure.

For more information and for a full range of product offerings you can contact Broubart Security who are listed in the Agri EC Corporate Chamber on this website.

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