July 13, 2024


Wildlife Ranching a watchdog for industry

Wildlife Ranching South Africa (WRSA) is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2005.

As the sole representative of the South African Game Rancher, WRSA represents the wildlife industry on the National Wildlife Forum, which was initiated by the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

WRSA’s main function is to act as liaison between game ranchers, non-governmental and governmental authorities to ensure a sustainable relationship.

It also works alongside the relevant stakeholders to set up policies, regulations and standards applicable to the wildlife industry.

Many draft regulations were introduced in 2008, resulting in negotiations relating to the Meat Scheme Act 40 of 2000, as well as policies pertaining to Damage Causing Animals, Alien and Invasive Species, Threatened or Protected Species, Hunting Norms and Standards, and many more.

As the national representative, WRSA aspires to implement new marketing drives that are inclusive by incorporating previously marginalised game ranchers.

Wildlife Ranching SA

PO Box 642, Grahamstown, 6140