June 25, 2022

African Pioneer Foods

Who Are We?

The African Pioneer Group was founded in 1990 as a black-owned business and has grown exceptionally over the last three decades. The Group has vast experience in initiating, developing, and maintaining strong and profitable relationships with business partners and associates implementing innovative strategies based on operational excellence, cost reduction, capital stewardship and profitable growth. Today, we are a diversified investment holding company with investments in a wide variety of sectors. We pride ourselves as being an established black industrialist focused on building significant or controlling interests in the Food & Beverages, Fishing, Leisure & Gaming and Energy sectors.

In the words of the Group’s founder and current CEO
“We believe in our People – our business is People driven”.

African Pioneer Group

Investment Structure

The African Pioneer Group has a diverse portfolio of passive and active investments.

Passive investments include businesses where the Group holds shares without operational contribution, such as Coca Cola Beverages South Africa and Woodlands Dairy. These companies have:

  • Clearly defined vision for its future.
  • Strong capital base and market position.
  • Reliable and capable management.
  • Profitability and excellent returns.

Active Investments are investments with substantial operating activities where the Group contributes knowledge and expertise to create value in the associated companies. In this, the Group ensures hands-on control of the investments.

One of the African Pioneer Group’s objectives is for management to continually identify investment opportunities, which will add value to the group, through prudent and strategic investment in well-managed businesses, listed or unlisted, which offer capital growth and competitive returns. This is reinforced by the management team continually monitoring the overall market, thereby securing lucrative investment opportunities.

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