April 17, 2024

Dark-Water Ops

About Us

Dark Water Ops (DWO) was started in September 2017 to provide a security service to a client specialising in Aquaculture and started doing business in February 2018 after all the necessary Regulatory requirements were met and the company was fully registered with PSIRA. Dark Water Ops became involved in Marine Anti-Poaching in May 2018, and the current owners saw a gap in the market and started to expand the business due to the diverse skills in the company’s core team. Dark Water Ops has grown since, and although still relatively small, is growing rapidly due to the commitment of the directors to deliver a quality service to clients with correctly sourced competent employees. We live our motto “To Serve and Protect.”

Our Services

We are passionate about what we do and strive to handle every job with professionalism and tactical accuracy. Our scalable services are tailored to meet your unique needs and can extend from immediate incident response to an entirely dedicated program. We specialise in anti-poaching, guarding, technical installations and maintenance, farm protection, alarm monitoring and response and K9.

Farm Protection

We have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the field of farm and crop protection. This is a passion of the directors of Dark Water Ops and the results we have achieved and continue to maintain, speaks for itself.

All our farm protection services are properly assessed, planned, equipped, and executed. Our experience differs from protecting individuals on farms after farm attacks to providing farm and related crop security over large areas. One of our current flagship operations has had a drop of approximately 70% in crime over the whole area of about 50km by 10km. In some areas farmers and the SAPS reported 0% crime compared to the situation before we were on board. This is accomplished by recruiting the right persons, liaising with farmers and communities surrounding the area, and gathering and using intelligence. We also firmly believe in preventative actions, and items such as visible policing and involving stakeholders are high on our list.

For more information feel free to contact us and follow our Facebook page for updates and photos.

Johan Oosthuizen      083 647 0806           Managing Director                       

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Ruan van Jaarsveld   073 758 2053           Technical Manager

Control room            087 898 8982           Available 24/7

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Human Resources     082 440 9839           Office Hours

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