June 25, 2022


The reENERGY concept

reTHINK. reCONSIDER. reEVALUATE … because we cannot reWIND what has been done to Planet Earth. The energy needs of the human race has so long been placed ahead of sustainability and resource management that it has become blindingly obvious that we have to start reENERGIZING the ways in which we power our businesses.

Do not think for a moment that we’re being all tree-hugging and bunny-loving here, because the one thing we absolutely understand is that your business remains your first priority. What we are saying is that you can reWIRE your thinking when it comes to saving electricity and water – or by minimising pollution or harmful output – within your company’s operational model.

Unlike other companies within the ‘green energy’ sphere, we are not trying to re-invent the wheel, but rather to combine energy-saving ideas already available within the market place. Our vision is to reIMAGINE these concepts and to help apply them within the green building business segment, thus helping you save money, increase efficiency and position it as a sustainable concern.

The reENERGY mission

Preserving the environment and minimising the effects of capitalism, consumerism and the over-exploitation of natural resources are no longer a political ploy, but rather an urgent reality we can no longer ignore.

Every one of us depends on the environment and we must assume personal responsibility in the quest to conserve resources. Our range of reNRG Solutions has been developed to ensure that short-term development therefore improves the quality of life of all South Africans, all the while without adversely affecting the future of our children.

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