July 13, 2024

Agri Eastern Cape Annual Congress 2024

Agri Eastern Cape is a membership-based organisation consisting of 3000 commercial farmer members who belong to 98 affiliated Agricultural Associations spread across the Eastern Cape.

The annual Agri Eastern Cape Congress, hosted in Jeffrey’s Bay, is the gathering of the leaders of Organised Agriculture as well as representatives from the affiliated Agricultural Associations.

It is at this Congress that important topics are discussed and influential decisions are made that will affect the focus and direction of Agri Eastern Cape for the 12 months to follow.

The Congress is led by the President of Agri Eastern Cape and allows for the member representatives to engage with the leadership of the organisation on matters concerning the members on the ground.

he Agri Eastern Cape Congress is a 2 day event, with an awards dinner set to take place on the evening of the first day of Congress.

During this Agri Eastern Cape Awards Dinner, the organisation pays tribute to those who have contributed extensively to Organised Agriculture over the past year with awards such as the Best Agricultural Association for the year and the Best Councillor of the year.

While this is a great opportunity to acknowledge key individuals within the ranks of Agri Eastern Cape, the evening culminates with the announcement of the TOYOTA Young Farmer of the Year award for the Eastern Cape.

The evening is a well-attended and prestigious event on the Agri EC Calendar with a myriad of representatives in attendance.

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