July 13, 2024

Great Fish River Water Users’ Association

The Great Fish River Water Users’ Association, or GFRWUA, was founded in 2000 as an affiliate of Agri Eastern Cape.

It is governed by the National Water Act and its main purpose is to manage water irrigation to the upper reaches of the Fish-Sundays River Canal Scheme, which is situated in the Cradock and Somerset East districts.

The scheme comprises a canal and tunnel system which supplies Orange River water from the Great Fish River Valley to the Sundays River Valley to supplement water supply in the Eastern Cape.

The GFRWUA protects its members’ water use interests, empowers previously disadvantaged water users and manages conflict over water allocation and use.

The association also controls water bills and usage, promotes efficient water use and manages resources.

Apart from disseminating information to the public and promoting the responsible use of water, its main responsibility is to ensure that every Agri EC member receives their water quota.