July 13, 2024

2023 Welcome Letter from the CEO’s Desk

On behalf of the entire Agri Eastern Cape Council and staff, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you as members, a prosperous and rewarding 2023!

Each year we are faced with new opportunities, challenges and difficulties. It is how we take advantage of these opportunities and deal with the challenges and difficulties that will determine if 2023 is going to be a successful year for Agriculture or not. 

Now that the leadership issue within the ruling party has been determined, we trust that 2023 will be the year that Government puts renewed focus on economic stimulation, infrastructure maintenance and reversing the rampant crime situation. These are also going to be the three key themes that Agri Eastern Cape is going to focus on.  

The locust threat seems to have diminished and apart from some areas of the Sarah Baartman District, good rains have fallen over most of the Province. This brings its own challenges in as far as our rural road network and animal diseases are concerned. We are hopeful that a court date will be allocated in the first quarter, for our Application to be heard, to compel full transparency in so far as the roads maintenance budget is concerned.

To ensure that members are kept informed and to improve communication, Agri Eastern Cape will be shortly launching a Member Communication Channel via the  Telegram App. This will ensure that important information and updates on your organizations activities gets to you directly in a structured co-ordinated manner. A document in this regard will be circulated shortly. 

As we start 2023, I would like to quote from an article recently written by Mike Abel, Executive Chairman M&C Saatchi SA: 

“Yes, we have enormous challenges. No hiding or getting away from that, as we encounter the effects on our economy, employment, and manufacturing crippled by power outages and supply. But that doesn’t mean that what is still on, is now off. It isn’t. It’s on.” 

Our resilience, determination, hope and spirit, as South Africans, although challenged, disappointed, concerned, and frustrated, is still on. We will persevere and push forward. 

I make a call on all of you, to support your organization and let us together make a concerted effort to do all we can to put pressure in the right places and in the right manner to effect the changes we need. 


Brent McNamara

CEO: Agri Eastern Cape